Chapter 1

Here we start our grand adventure into the world of Love Descending. Chapter 1 was originally intended for print so, outside of the cover, the first chapter will be in black and white.

Then, due to our sheer appreciation for those who purchased chapter 1, we will continue the rest of the chapters in color and for free.

Thank you everyone who made this possible!


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Watch your back Izaya!!! LOL  Don’t let him take you to the “rape garage”!!


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Haha I love how this gif and the one with the video games you’re like a magician, just out of nowhere there’s like tons of games and phones lol!


Why should I kiss that louse when I already have all of these phones? 
Gotta have back ups for when, uh, some of them break… 

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Black Butler: Master and Servant

Shoot with Drew and Nat

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Magi Shoot with Tora-Rin

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I like how Izaya smiles but Shizuo says “NO WAY!” hahahaha


Uh, no. Something like that would hurt.

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More photos from Fanime 2012 Enjoy!

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Taken at AM^2 2012.

Ciel from Black Butler.  Cosplay by:
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Drew cosplaying Shizuo with help from Izaya the trusty lightstand :p

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Chiropii cosplaying as Elizabeth from Black Butler.

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